Styrelsen i New Wave Group föreslår extrautdelning

Mot bakgrund av coronapandemin och de osäkerhetsfaktorer som den medfört, föreslog New Wave Group’s styrelse av försiktighetsskäl inför såväl årsstämman 2020 som årsstämman 2021 att ingen vinstutdelning skulle lämnas.

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Interim report for the Second quarter 2021

January - June

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New Wave Group’s profit for the second quarter substantially exceeds market expectations

The interim report for New Wave Group will be presented on 17 August, but as New Wave Group expects to report a profit for the second quarter 2021 which substantially exceeds both previous year and market expectations based on analysts’ estimates, preliminary numbers are released for the quarter.

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New Wave Group

New Wave Group is a growth company that designs, acquires and develops brands and products in the corporate promo, gifts and home furnishings sectors. The Group will achieve synergies by coordinating design, purchasing, marketing, warehousing and distribution of its product range. To ensure good diversification, the Group will market its products in the corporate promo market and the retail market.

The Group divides its operations into three operating segments: Corporate, Sports & Leisure and Gifts & Home Furnishings. Within Group management there are people with responsibility for each operating segment in order to coordinate operations.

New Wave Group's organisation is decentralised, with a high degree of independence and self-determination being delegated to company management.

The objective is for the companies to be run in an entrepreneurial spirit, while at the same time enjoying the benefits of belonging to a large group of companies. The products follow the operating segments, but have separate sales teams for the two sales channels promo and retail. The Group therefore consists of a large number of operational companies (about 70 in total), some of which belong to sub-groups. Board meetings are held about three times a year in each company or sub-group. The composition of the Boards depends on the company's direction and its stage of development. In addition to Group management, the expertise of MDs in "mature" companies is utilised on the Boards of local subsidiaries. The organisational model chosen by New Wave Group provides for effective benchmarking of profitability, tied-up capital and growth between companies, brands and markets. New Wave Group has also set internal targets for each company.

About New Wave Group About New Wave Group

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New Wave Group AB today published the Annual Report and Sustainability Report for 2020 on

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Interim Report for the third quarter, 2021

The presentation will be held via Microsoft Teams at 10:00 a.m. CET.

To attend the digital presentation, please contact and provide which email address you can be contacted on, no later than 5:00 p.m. by November 4th.



Year-end report, 2021



Interim report for the first quarter, 2022