Our Brands

The Group divides its operations into three operating segments: Corporate*, Sports & Leisure and Gifts & Home Furnishings. Within Group management there are people with responsibility for each operating segment in order to coordinate operations. The products follow the operating segments, but have separate sales teams for the two sales channels promo and retail. (*The segment Corporate Promo has been renamed to Corporate)



Clique is a vast collection of high quality basic garments and accessories - probably Europe's strongest promo concept - viable in a wide range of occasions and activities. Clique is distinguished by a large span of colours and sizes for both men and women.

J.Harvest & Frost

Our mission is to bring passion and aesthetics to your workday
Harvest & Frost is built on the belief that aesthetics, quality design and precision craftsmanship play fundamental parts in our lives. In other words – we believe in order to thrive and find our passion while we work - we need to surround ourselves with things which inspire and encourage us.

We are a work shirt brand for men and women - and in order to succeed in our mission, and become "fuel for your passion", we offer well-made, detailed and affordable work shirts of the highest quality. We aim to be that undefinable, yet powerful, intangible asset which aesthetics represents in your workday.Harvest & Frost was established in 20xx as a result of a collaboration between two brands − James Harvest Sportswear, rooted in U.S. college fashion with worldwide distribution and Frost, with its focus on tailored, well-cut garments in a small scale. Two excellent concepts brought together in one brand.


It is now over 50 years since American baseballer James Harvest gave up his baseball career, but his name still lives on and so does his mission. Since 1988, James Harvest Sportswear promo wear has been a part in helping thousands of companies to create a great team-spirit.


Printer Active Wear offers high quality promowear at a lower price-range. The collection is distributed  throughout Europe as well as in Australia. Material, sewing and design are qualitative, but through keeping the design simple, without too many details, the clothes stay true to Printer Active Wear’s philosophy ”Best Value in Large Volumes”.


Mac One is a broad and well composed collection containing something for most flavors and situations where textile messengers have a purpose to fill. The collection contains a wide range of classic garments as well as some more tailored articles and a large selection of women's cut products. Thus Mac One is an excellent choice for both internal and external market communication.


The Jingham collection contains a smaller range of basic garments in classical company colours that has a large area of use for a broad target group, to the right prices. Jingham is an excellent choice for campaigns and other volume activities. The collection has ladies, men's and children's models.


The Jobman brand was established in 1983 and is now one of the leading suppliers of workwear for construction workers, painters and transport businesses. The materials are tested in test labs, but all the products go through years of tests in the best test lab of all - the real world, since that's the only place where you can really tell what works and what wasn't such a great idea.


ProJob is workwear made of strong, well tested durable materials. The clothes are developed by people with extensive experience from trades that require sturdy clothes. The collection has something to offer most trades.


Toppoint is a trademark for give-aways used to enhance company profiles. The range consists of pens, USB drives, logotops and so on.


d-vice - the essential guide to promoting your company today with the technology of tomorrow. d-vice brings you the latest in innovative gadgets and devices that will help drive your marketing into the fast lane. d-vice covers the latest technology available from USB FlashDrives to Heart Rate Watches to VoIP Phones to MP4 players. Everything that is innovative and HOT is now in d-vice!


Cottover is all about sustainable clothing. We tried to make sustainability a priority in each step of the manufacturing. The result? A basic garments collection in a variety of stunning colours, models and sizes, that will allow you to look good and do good at the same time! Sustainability with style – that’s our philosophy!

We have made an effort on sustainability in each step of the manufacturing process - from cotton to final product. As a result, the garments are successfully labeled with GOTS, Oeko Tex, Nordic Ecolabel and we use 100 % Fairtrade-certified and organic cotton.


Grizzly is promo wear for active people. One of the largest ranges of bags and jackets on the market to create your distinct image with, and a large collection of corporate garments of good quality and simple, sporty design. Stylishly classic garments for every imaginable occasion.


Maritime promo wear for ambitious companies and business-like challengers. With an air of salt, wind and the open sea, the collection has qualities suitable for both everyday use and more demanding jobs. High quality, functional materials and smart, tough details. Trim your sails and enjoy the clothes that quite simply live up to their philosophy: Designed for Ambitious Companies.

Lord Nelson Victory

Lord Nelson Victory bed and bath products shouldn't just live up to your high standards, they should exceed them. When only the best is good enough.


Nightingale is products with unbeatable prices and is represented in several different product groups.

Queen Anne

Queen Anne is bed, bath, home furnishings and leisure time  products and has been a strong brand ever since it was founded in 1975. Queen Anne is value for money without compromising the quality.

Kosta Linnewäfveri

Kosta Linnewäfveri creates textile products based on durable ideas from the past, always looking towards today and tomorrow. The keyword is quality, not only in the materials used, but also in design and usability. Kosta Linnewäfveri makes it simple to use small means to give the rooms of your home the right feeling.

Orrefors Jernverk

Orrefors Jernverk is exclusive metal products with a classic look. The collection holds objects for everyday kitchen use, as well as decorations for the entire home. Quality is key to Orrefors Jernverk. All products must be sustainable in all senses of the word - carefully designed as well as made from fine and reliable materials.

Sports & Leisure

Cutter & Buck

Cutter & Buck is a leading line of golf-inspired apparel for men and women who appreciate innovative, high quality sportswear. Using the best materials in the classical style and a wide variety of colors creates clothing that looks and behaves impeccably.


ANNIKA is Cutter & Buck's exclusive collection of performance golf wear designed for Annika Sörenstam.

Craft Sportswear

Craft's expertise in designing sport-specific garments for optimal function comes largely from a long and fruitful cooperation with elite sportsmen and women from all over the world. Their stringent demands on function and comfort drive the continued development of Craft's design, technology and quality.

Clique Retail

Clique Retail is comfortable sporty clothes that are easy to combine. Basic garments for active people!


AHEAD is best known for its collections of golf caps with embroidered logos, but also includes men's golf clothing and accessories.

Kate Lord

The contemporary yet casual style of the Kate Lord collection is designed for today's active lifestyle. Sophisticated and fun, each garment is designed for comfort, fit and freedom of movement - perfect for the woman on the go!

Auclair Gloves

  • Paris Glove of Canada ltd.
  • 2315 Cohen Street Montreal, QC, H4R 2N7, Canada
  • 514.345.0135 / 1.800.363.2237
  • Fax: .514.342.7263
  • admin@parisglove.com

Gants Laurentide

  • Gants Laurentide Ltd
  • 445 Rue du Moulin, Saint-Tite, QC G0X 3H0, Canada
  • +1 418-365-6353


Seger is a leading supplier of technically knitted socks and hats. The rewarding cooperation with successful athletes like Swedish alpine skiers  Jens Byggmark and Anja Pärson continues and is being further developed.


Pax has specialized in shoes for childrens' feet for 90 years. Careful selection of materials and well-thought out design has become Pax trademark.


Marstrand is classic Swedish footwear created with inspiration from our Swedish heritage and nature.

With roots on the Swedish west coast as inspiration, Marstrand has since the 1970's created a timeless collection where life by the sea sets its clear sign. The forces of nature give inspiration, and in its own unique way it blows life into the design work. Behind every shoe is a genuine craftmanship, knowledge, and not least a desire to create sustainable and classic models to wear for a long time.

Sköna Marie

Sköna Marie is high quality comfortable women's shoes following modern trends without sacrificing fit and function. Sköna Marie always uses the very best materials and most models are made of real leather, a breathable, soft and comfortable material.

Gifts & Home furnishings


Orrefors has produced utility glass and art glass made of crystal since 1898. At the glassworks in Småland, Sweden, skilled Orrefors glassmakers work with some of Sweden’s top designers to develop craftsmanship, design and new techniques. Timeless Scandinavian elegance, innovative design and genuine craftsmanship are the defining characteristics of Orrefors products. Orrefors regularly presents new collections of utility glassware produced in large-volume series and limited-edition art glass.

Kosta Boda

Kosta Boda is one of the world's leading brands of glassware and art glass. Technology and an understanding of glass have been refined here in the heart of the forests in the Swedish province of Småland ever since 1742. Our glassware is vibrant, bold, innovative and provocative. It stands out and takes centre stage. Kosta Boda is true passion.

Kosta Förlag

Kosta Publishing specializes in books about the finer things in life. It turns to those who are interested in shape, design and glass. It wants to spread the word about the fantastic glass and its wonderful designers and work to ensure that we are using our glass instead of leaving it in some cupboard to collect dust. Kosta Publishing is also for those who are fond of food and drink and the joys of lovely set tables.


Sagaform stands for joyful, innovative gifts for the kitchen and the set table. Indoors and outdoors. Joyful gifts for friends or family, or to spoil yourself with. Sagaform cooperates with some of Sweden’s best designers. Gifted designers who are well aware of the brand’s core values and always stay up to date with prevailing home furnishings trends and lifestyles. A must if we are to accommodate our customers with top of the line Scandinavian design.