Buying organization

New Wave Group is never far away from the production. We have our own buying offices in charge of sourcing and production. Our offices are located in China, India, Vietnam and Bangladesh where we have approximately 200 employees.

China is our biggest office and country of production. In addition to our main office in Shanghai, where we have been operating since 1992, we have three minor offices in Qingdao, Xiamen and Nanchang. Our procurement strategy is to purchase directly from our suppliers and to cut intermediaries that could jeopardize our control of the supply chain. Being represented on site enables us to have a close partnership with our suppliers and to actively monitor flow of goods and quality.

Our buying offices are an important part of our social and environmental responsibility program. The biggest strength of New Wave Group is that we have our own CSR personnel dedicated to visit, support and train our suppliers in sustainability questions. We offer more than audits. We offer an extended hand, which enables us to have a sincere communication and face challenges together