Sustainability Goals

New Wave Groups continuously invests in our work with CSR and sustainability,. The objective is to minimize any negative impact that could occur from our business and at the same time maximize the positive effects. True impact depends on the actions we take on a daily basis. Therefore, we have identified three focus areas most important for New Wave Group to integrate sustainability with our core business:

  • Design och product development
  • Sourcing and production
  • Transportation and logistics

Directly linked to our three focus areas, the below key sustainability goals are important for New Wave Group. Read more about our ambitions for the future in the Sustainability Report.

KPI   2017 Goal Comment
Products with sustainable attribute Textile products 835* 90 % year 2025 Refers to active products with certifications such as GOTS and Oeko Tex and products developed with extra care of people and planet.
Hardline products 384* 50 % year 2025
Audited factories in risk countries % of total number of factories in risk countries 59 % 90 % year 2020 Risk countries according to amfori BSCI’s definition.
% of purchasing volume from factories in risk countries 86 % 95 % year 2020
% of purchasing volume from buying offices 92 % 100 % year 2020
Emissions from transportation CO²e (t) Air 1 790 Zero vision Long distance transportations between Asia and Europe.
Sea 11 484 Cleaner fuel and better vessels

* 2017 New Wave Group had 7 488 unique active products (color/size excluded). Due to difficulties in data collection we are not able to report how the distribution of total number of products looks between textile and hardline products.

** Compared with textile products the selection of ecolabels and certification for hardline products is limited, which is reflected in the number of reported hardline products with sustainable attribute.