26 June, 2019

Brasserie 1742 - named one of Sweden's best restaurants

Livets Goda presents Sweden's 20 best restaurants

On Friday, it became official which Sweden's best restaurants of 2019 are, according to the Swedish wine magazine Livets Goda. Two weeks ago, 30 restaurants were nominated, which have now been scaled down to a list of 20.

Brasserie 1742, run by chef Karim Khouani, was rewarded with two LG stars. New for this year was the updated assessment system, which meant that the main restaurants were assigned Livets Goda stars instead of ranking. The three intervals that apply are 95-96 points that result in an LG star. 97-98 points become two LG stars and finally, for the highest score, the restaurant must have an average of the six assessment criteria that land between 99-100 points. Then there will be three LG stars.

Earlier this year, Brasserie 1742 was also awarded the Plate by Guide Michelin Nordic.

"Getting such an award from Guide Michelin after just a few months of service was a great honor. It is the whole team's merit and we are now more inspired than ever to continue our hard work to constantly improve and reach our future goals." - Karim Khouani

Livets Goda is Sweden's leading wine magazine both digitally and in printed format. The focus is on high-quality wines and drinks, often in combination with food, with in-depth knowledge and understanding of quality and curiosity to constantly discover new drinks as keywords.

Visit kostabodaarthotel.se/brasserie1742 to book a table at Brasserie 1742 online.