10 June, 2019

Capital market day - AUG 21

On August 21, New Wave Group will host a Capital market day, where some of the Group's major brands will be in focus among Cutter & Buck, Clique and Craft.

On the theme of brands and CSR, New Wave Group will hold a capital market day at the company's showroom, Barnhusgatan 16 in Stockholm. The Group's three largest brands - Clique, Cutter & Buck and Craft - will be presented as well as a review of the Group's work on CSR.

The Group's brand managers will present their respective brands and Craft will also have representatives from the Swedish Athletics Team and the Swedish Handball Team to inform about their cooperation.

The day will start at 8.30 am and will last until around 4.30 pm.

Update - Hammarby Fotboll will replace the Swedish Handball Team during the capital market day.

To sign up
Contact Ann Sundin via ann.sundin@nwg.se

Download the agenda via the following link.