Corporate promo

Corporate promo is divided into three subdivisions: promowear, promotional gifts and workwear. Business is conducted with 23 brands in a total of 17 countries on three continents.

The operating segment's domestic market is the Nordic countries which also answer for most of the sales. Corporate Promo answered for 43% of the Group's sales and SEK 166.4 million of the Group's profits(EBITDA) in 2015. The brands in the Corporate Promo operating segment are sold primarily in the promo sales channel, but some brands are also sold in the retail sales channel.

Corporate Promo's segments consist of products that cover all price levels and qualities. Promowear and promotional gifts have similar application areas (to promote and market a brand) and are marketed by the same type of retailer. Workwear is primarily used when functional, durable work clothes are needed in many professions.