Sports & Leisure

Sports & Leisure includes several internationally well-known sports brands like AHEAD, Auclair, Craft, Cutter & Buck and Seger.

Business is conducted in 14 fully owned brands in 14 countries, focusing on the Nordic countries and North America. In addition to our own brands, we also have the distribution right to Speedo in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Sports & Leisure answered for 45% of the Group's sales and SEK 143.1 million of its profits(EBITDA) in 2015. Most of the sales relate to the retail market(sports retail sector), but some sales also stem from the promo market.

The retail sector is the natural channel fore meeting the market for all the operating segment's brands. Clique Retail, Craft, Seger and Speedo all have a verified position in the sports retail sector, but are aslo sold in the promo market and through athletic clubs.

New Wave Group's objective is to keep the stock of fashion items low since the lifespan for these items is short. The retail sector focuses on less fashion-sensitive areas, such as Craft's functional sports undergarments and Seger's socks. Most of the products are the same for promo and retail, which provides a significatn risk diversification.