New Wave Group markets products under several different brands. The company strives for complete integration from the beginning of the chain in order to attain competitive advantages. The synergies are evident for operating segments Corporate*, Sports & Leisure as well as Gifts & Home Furnishings within several areas.


The company has extensive experience of design and product development. Elaborate strategies are applied to each brand regardless of product category. The various concepts within the operating segments Sports & Leisure and Gifts & Home Furnishings have their own product development activities. Corporate* product development activities are coordinated since the design is less fashion sensitive.

Well designed promowear suits both men and women of working age and allow ample room for profiling (i.e. logotypes) since the clothes target the corporate market. Many of the designs for Sports & Leisure and Gifts & Home Furnishings are based on form and function. The Group has several close partnerships with athletes at both elite and amateur level in a variety of sports. Kosta Boda and Orrefors team with several famous artists, a collaboration that is also used in the development of the Kosta Linnewäfveri and Orrefors Jernverk brands.

Purchasing and production

The Group's total purchasing volume considerably surpasses most of its competitors in the corporate promo market, giving major cost savings in terms of coordinating purchasing, transportation and warehousing. In addition to Sweden, New Wave Group now has purchasing offices in Bangladesh, China, India and Vietnam. New Wave Group currently has about 350 suppliers.

The Group has locally employed quality controllers who supervise production and safeguard that the suppliers fulfil the Group's quality and environmental requirements. It is essential that quality issues are detected before the goods are shipped to Europe and the USA in order to correct them and deliver high quality products to the customer. The Group also has controllers employed to oversee that suppliers conform to the Group's Code of Conduct.

New Wave Group owns a few factories. In Sweden, Seger Europe and Termo have production units for knitted items, and Orrefors Kosta Boda glass making facilities. In the Netherlands, Toppoint runs printing operations for among other things, pen and mug prints. In Denmark, Dahetra owns a production facility for embroidery and transfer printing. In the USA, AHEAD and Cutter & Buck have some embroidery production and Paris Glove a production unit for gloves.

Logistics and warehouse

Most of the Group's products are manufactured in Asia. Major economies of scale are possible by coordinating transports to Europe. The Group continues to concentrate on few warehouses, which enables the Group to keep tied up capital at a minimum. Logistics can also be coordinated by doing business in both the corporate promo and retail markets, where the two sales channels have most products in common.

* The segment Corporate Promo has been renamed to Corporate