Corporate is divided into three subdivisions: promowear, promotional gifts and workwear. Business is conducted with 23 brands in a total of 17 countries on three continents.

Our offering

Corporate’s subdivisions, promowear, promotional gifts and workwear, consist of products that cover all price levels and qualities. Promowear and promotional gifts have similar application areas (to promote and market brands) and are marketed by the same type of resellers. Workwear is primarily used when functional, durable work clothes are needed in many professions.

Within the promowear division, New Wave Group offers clothes adapted for printing and embroidery. In addition to price and quality, the assortment is adapted for different application areas and sizes, from favorably priced basic garments to detailed garments in exclusive materials, eco-certified products, leisure, work and sports clothes, clothes in classic and trend colours, in sizes from XS to 6XL. New Wave Group’s promowear brands are divided into different concepts that include brands such as Clique, James Harvest Sportswear, Cottover and D.A.D Sportswear.

The promotional gift concept is broad and the subdivision covers a multitude of products and price classes.

New Wave Group can in the subdivision promotional gifts, which include brands as d-vice, Queen Anne and Toppoint, offer everything from pens, powerbanks and gift cards, to bags, bed linens and towels. Since many companies are giving seasonal gifts, especially at Christmas, the fourth quarter is a key sales period for promotional gifts and corporate gifts.

The final piece of the Corporate puzzle is workwear. In Sweden and the Nordic countries, there is a vast need for, and expertise in, personal protection and the issue is intensely promoted by trade unions and employers. This means that Swedish professional clothing brands have a high reputation in Europe and the rest of the world. Belonging to a company or profession and being identified by the same has become an important way of communicating through professional workwear. New Wave Group can through its two brands, Jobman and Projob, offer workwear for professional categories such as construction and installation workers, painters and plasterers, transport and service workers, as well as hotel and restaurant workers. The collection is all-inclusive, ranging from underwear to outer garments for all seasons and weather conditions, reflective clothing, flame protective workwear and accessories. All garments and products are ergonomic, functional and durable and come in sizes for both women and men.

Sales channels

The segment's products are primarily intended for the promo sales channel, where the majority of sales are also found (97%). However, the products can also be sold in the retail sector, as many of the products are in common. The promo sales channel places demands on high service level and availability. For example, a company that orders promowear in their company's colour to its employees or customers, depends on the supplier being able to deliver a full size sorting and the right colours. For example, if New Wave Group cannot deliver products in the size medium or the end customer's corporate colour, it will choose another supplier. The Group's objective within promo is to deliver 98% of its products within 24 hours.

The Nordic promowear and promotional gifts market is distinguished by a clear distribution chain: manufacturer – wholesaler – reseller – end customer. The distribution is not as well organized in Southern and Central Europe. Distributors who market brands that they do not themselves own often have substantial influence in the market.

The North American market is more developed and the distribution chain resembles the Nordic market. In Sweden, there are about 3,000 resellers of promowear and promotional gifts, a high figure per capita compared with the rest of Europe and the United States. There is a wide variety of resellers, ranging from simple sole proprietorships to large companies with high-end displays and travelling sales forces. Some resellers target one of the three subdivisions, while others work all three. Most are pure sales companies, but it is also common that resellers also print, embroider and engrave in order to have a more complete offering.

Workwear has traditionally been sold via specialised outlets for example construction, industry and paint shops, but today workwear is sold through many other channels such as pure workwear and protective clothing stores as well as promo dealers. Those who sell workwear operate together with the already established brands or by developing their own brands and collections. The market for workwear for the public has also increased, which has led to an increase in the range of workwear at specialist retailers that target private individuals.

Capital tied up

The capital tied up in inventories is relatively high, but is a prerequisite for success in the promo sales channel. The customer is dependent on the supplier being able to deliver full size sorting and in the right colours, otherwise another supplier is chosen. However, the risk of obsolescence is low because a larger part of the range is timeless basic products that there is a need for, season after season. Many of the products are common to both the promo and retail channels, which offers risk diversification, and means that catalogues can also be common. Adjustment for changed purchase prices is made continuously as it is about immediate sales and the currency risk can thus be limited. When it comes to capital tied up in accounts receivable, sales are made to selected resellers and credit losses are relatively low.