Gifts & Home Furnishings

Several strong brands such as Kosta Boda, Orrefors and Sagaform comprise part of the Gifts & Home Furnishing operating segment.

Our offering

Gifts & Home Furnishings offers products from, among others, the Kosta Boda, Orrefors and Sagaform brands. Common to these is to offer the market well-designed and qualitative products at different price levels to a customer interested in home furnishings. The brands have an offering that will help to create a more beautiful everyday life and that can serve as a gift to yourself or to someone else. Kosta Boda and Orrefors, as leading brands in the category of glass, offer self-produced exclusive glass of the highest quality and with high design factor while Sagaform stands for products in various materials intended for the kitchen and table setting. Gifts & Home Furnishings' range is sold through traditional specialist retailers, e-commerce, promo resellers or through own stores. In addition to the Swedish home market, the export market is an important part of the segment's operations and the United States, Scandinavia and Central Europe are important markets.

In addition to the above brands, Destination Kosta is also included in the segment. Destination Kosta works to promote tourism to Kosta. By being the unifying link for New Wave Group's represented activities in the area, they try to create collaborations and synergy effects across the various areas of activity.

"The brands have an offering that will help to create a more beautiful everyday life and that can serve as a gift to yourself or to someone else."

At Kosta glassworks you can see how the glowing glass takes shape. The glass experience then continues at Kosta Boda Art Hotel, with its unique spa and design hotel with a first-class restaurant. Kosta is also a destination for nature experiences. Kosta Lodge offers affordable accommodation nestled in the Småland nature and at Kosta Safari Park you can meet European bison, fallow deer and mouflon sheep among others. At Kosta Wilderness Camp, friends or conference groups can challenge themselves or each other in a multi-match. It also offers fishing, crayfish fishing and hunting. Those who want to experience nature on their own can rent a bicycle, canoe or fishing equipment via Kosta Rental Center.

At Kosta Outlet, brand shopping is offered, with everything from clothes to hunting accessories, books, toys, flowers and decor. Here you can also eat or drink something good at one of the various restaurants. In connection with the outlet, the factory stores for Orrefors and Kosta Boda can be found and you can buy the glass you had the opportunity to see being manufactured in the factory.

Sales channels

Most of the segment's sales are in the sales channel retail (87 %). Swedish retail has for some time undergone and undergoes a major restructuring in which the consumer's interest in the traditional glass and porcelain trade is diminishing in favor of design and interior stores. The development of e-commerce is another strategically important part where the customer's changed trading patterns require a completely different accessibility than before. Brands such as Kosta Boda, Orrefors and Sagaform have an established position in the retail sector and have the opportunity to make sales both in the traditional way and through e-commerce. A growing part of the segment is Destination Kosta, where all sales belong to the retail sales channel. Part of the sales for the Kosta Boda, Orrefors  and Sagaform brands are made to the promo market, where the products are used as everything from simple gifts to exclusive gifts for jubilee or memorable occasions. Kosta Boda and Orrefors retain their position as interesting brands on occasions when you want to show appreciation with objects of more high-quality character. Sagaform's products are in demand as Christmas and summer gifts for employees and customers. The sales channel promo places demands on high service level and availability. For example, a company that orders Christmas gifts for its employees or customers depends on the supplier being able to deliver on time. If New Wave Group fails to do this, then the customer will choose another supplier. The Group's objective within promo is to deliver 98 % of its products within 24 hours.

Capital tied up

Production for Orrefors and Kosta Boda takes place throughout the year, while sales mainly take place during the second half of the year. Capital tied up is thus greatest during the first part of the year. Most of the production is classic and great-selling product series such as Château, Intermezzo, Line, Mine and others, which in many cases has a product cycle of more than 20 years, which limits the risk of obsolescence. For the part that is not self-produced, most of the purchases are made against stock for resale to the customer. It normally requires a higher capital tied up in inventories for promo, as this is a prerequisite for success within this sales channel. However, the risk of obsolescence is low, as a larger part of this range is timeless basic products where there is a demand season after season. Most of the products are also common to the sales channels promo and retail, which contributes to a risk spread. Price adjustments for changed purchasing prices are made continuously and the currency risk can thus be limited.

Sales are made to selected retailers and credit losses are low. However, there is a higher concentration to a fewer number of retail customers compared to the promo market.