Audit Committee

Audit committee (AC) is a Committee to the Board of Directors and members are appointed by the Board of Directors. The Committee shall consist of at least two members of the Board. The majority of the AC's members shall be independent in relation to the company and its management. Members of the Board who are part of company management cannot be a member of the AC. M. Johan Widerberg is President and Christina Bellander is member of the Committee. Both are independent in relation to the company and its management. CFO is adjunct to AC and the committee’s secretary. The Group internal auditor also participates on the committee’s meetings.

The Board assigns to the AC to prepare and decide on audit issues and report discrepancies to the Board. The external auditor reports directly to the Board. AC shall on the Board’s instructions be responsible for the work to ensure the quality of the company’s internal management and control in regards to:

  • financial reporting
  • risk management and risk control
  • compliance
  • other internal management and control
  • matters which the Board refers to AC