The Group applies International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS ) when preparing the Group's reports.

The Group's interim report for the third quarter is the subject of a general review by the company's auditor. This review follows the recommendations issued by FAR SRS , the organization for authorized public accountants. The audit of the annual report, consolidated financial statements, the accounting records and the administration of the Board and CEO is conducted in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards in Sweden.

After the auditors' review in October, the company's auditors draw up an audit memo to the Board containing comments about individual companies and the Group as a whole. The auditors also present their observations from the audit, their appraisal of the companies' internal control and the application of accounting policies at one of the autumn Board meetings. The Board receives information about internal control and compliance with rules, control of audited values, estimates, assessments and other matters that might influence the quality of the financial reports. It is the job of the Group's auditor to audit the companies' ability to comply with the overriding rules for internal control within the companies. The auditors also report their observations about internal control.



At the AGM 2018, the audit firm Ernst & Young AB was appointed as auditor. Nina Bergman is the head auditor.