Nomination committee

The Nomination Committee represents the company’s shareholders. Its task is to create as sound basis as possible for decisions at the AGM and to put forward proposals for matters such as the appointment of the Board of Directors and the auditor, and for remuneration to these parties.

The Nomination Committee consists of one representative for each of the company’s three largest shareholders. If any of these shareholders decline to appoint a member of the Nomination Committee, the next shareholder in terms of size is given the opportunity to appoint a member. Information regarding the composition of the Nomination Committee is normally published in the interim report for the third quarter. The work of the Nomination Committee is conducted by a questionnaire-based evaluation of the Board of Directors’ work and current members.

The composition of the Nomination Committee before the 2022 AGM is as follows:

  • Ulf Hedlundh, representative of Svolder Aktiebolag and Chairman of the Nomination Committee
  • Frank Larsson, representative for Svenska Handelsbankens Fonder
  • Torsten Jansson, Managing Director and representative of Torsten Jansson Holding AB

According to the Swedish Corporate Governance Code, the managing director or other company executive shall not be a member of the Nomination Committee. Torsten Jansson is a member as principal owner and a deviation from the Code has thus been made.

The Nomination Committee represents approximately 85% of the votes in New Wave Group AB as of 30 September 2021. All shareholders are entitled to submit proposals to the Nomination Committee. The Nomination Committee holds a number of meetings and in between these meetings maintains contact by phone and e-mail. Among its tasks, the Nomination Committee evaluates the Board of Directors on the basis of the company’s future development and challenges in order to achieve a good combination of expertise and experience.


Ulf Hedlundh
Svolder Aktiebolag
Phone: +46-(0)8-440 37 70

Shareholders who wish to submit proposals to the Nomination Committee can do so either to members of the Nomination Committee or by sending a letter to:

New Wave Group AB
Nomination Committee
Kungsportsavenyen 10
SE-411 36 Göteborg